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Well Pump Service & Repair

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Manax Is Your Trusted Water Pump Specialist.

Manax installs a variety of well pumps, such as jet pumps or submersible pumps. We can service your existing pump or install a new one. From pressure tanks to foot valves, we carry most parts in our service vehicle to get your system flowing again as quickly as we can.

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There are a number of choices to choose from when installing a water system.

Well maintenance is something that should be done once a year to extend well pump life and ensure safe bacteria free water. Our service van is equipped with a mobile pump test facility. We can also use the existing pump that you already have and install a Variable Frequency Drive or VFD on it and turn your system into a constant pressure system.

Cleaning and servicing your well will ensure that your water keeps flowing in a safe and efficient matter. Manax will pull your well pump and clean intake screen and chlorinate the well to ensure that you have bacteria free water.

We will also check your pressure tank for proper air pressure. Did you know that on a conventional well pump system the pressure tank is the most important part of your system? If the bladder is busted inside the tank, this will cause your pump to fail prematurely as well as decrease the water pressure in the house which can then cause your water softener and iron filter to not backwash properly thus causing them to plug up and not provide soft water.