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Meet The Manax Team

Alexander Giger Jr.

Registered Plumber, Licensed Well Technician, Licenced Gas Technician, Specialist in Water treatment.

Meet Alex Giger! Son of Alex Giger Sr. and the man currently leading the Manax team in superior plumbing service.

How long have you been in plumbing?

I’ve been doing it since I was 13… all starting with helping my dad on the odd job.
What inspired you to get into it?
My dad, through and through. I thought I’d take a summer off after finishing high school, but nope… 5:30 am, my dad was at the end of my bed, pulling me up and into work.
What’s the best part of your job?
The best (and worst) part is finding problems created by people who aren’t licensed or cut corners. It’s the worst because customers don’t always get real expertise – but the best because we love being the ones to give it.
What is your business philosophy?
Do it right. If possible, always do it right. Some older buildings can be a challenge, but otherwise, there’s no excuse. We’ve walked away from jobs that had shoddy work, inferior parts and we couldn’t guarantee a positive outcome – we pride ourselves on doing it right, every time.
How do you spend your time off?
Going to TFC games with my kids, amateur radio and playing with RC aircraft and quad-copters (when I have the time). Most of all, spending time with my family.
Alex Jr. has his;
– City Of Toronto Master Plumber.
– Onhtario Plumbers Certificate Of Qualification.
– Gas Fitters 2 Certificate.
– Ministry of Environment Well Technicians License.
– Water Meter Installers Licence.
– Small Drinking Water Operators Certification. 
– Completed courses on Water Softeners, Filters, UV Sterilizers and Pumps.

Alex is also a Certified Franklin Electric Contractor/Dealer with certifications levels of ‘Expert’ in
– Drives & Controls
– Irrigation Pumps
– Industrial Pumps
– Solar Pump Systems

2013-2015 Director – Pump Installers for the Ontario Ground Water Association (O.G.W.A.). helping to protect and promote Ontario’s most precious resource.

Alex Giger Sr.


Never worked with us before? Meet the team! The man that started it all: Alex Giger Sr.
When did you found Manax?
What inspired you to get into

My father told me to get into a trade… he said, “if your hands are dirty you will have food on the table.”
What are you most proud of?
The way we service our customers and make them a priority.
How do you spend your time off?
Working around the home, cottage and church involvement.
What advice would you give someone aspiring to get into this line of work?
Be patient and don’t do the job just for the money. Focus on the quality of your work.

Sadly Alexander Giger Sr. Passed away March 28, 2018 I guess there were just some plumbing problems in heaven even God need help with.

Steve Johnson

Manager – Manax Retail Storefront

What is it that you do at Manax?
What DON’T I do here at Manax!
The guys will gladly say “the actual plumbing!” I schedule service calls, place orders and help our customers with any issue they may have with water treatment products and services. I’m the oil that keeps the gears turning smoothly here!
What inspired you to get into it?
Alex has known me for over 20 years and he knows my bread-and-butter is customer service and sales. I love working with people and providing them with honest and appropriate solutions for their water quality needs in their home and business. What I like about Manax is that we take pride in doing the right thing for the customer, are transparent about our costs and offer the best products at reasonable prices.
What’s the best part about your job?
Building relationships with new and loyal clients alike. I get to hear some great stories from all of our customers and I work with a great team of guys who are good at their craft. We joke around about some of the crazy things we see in the field and – as you can tell from our Facebook pictures – they can be interesting!
What is your business philosophy?
Offer the best products, offer reasonable prices, look after your staff, look after your customers.
How do you spend your time off?
I love recreational sports. I play baseball and cycle in the summer months and play hockey and volleyball in the winter months. I also love to cook Mexican and Italian cuisine when I have time to enjoy it with my family & friends.

Ryan Dodds

Registered Apprentice Plumber

Newest member of the team..
Profile to follow

Mike Jones

Registered Plumber

Licensed Plumber registered with the Ontario College of Trades.

Thomas Jakubowski

Registered Plumber

Licensed Plumber registered with the Ontario College of Trades.

Ryan Travis

Registered Plumbers Apprentice

Newest member of the team..
Profile to follow